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Getting Most Practice out of Overseas Trip
23-05-2018, 12:09 PM
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Getting Most Practice out of Overseas Trip

What do you think about taking university-level classes in France to improve your French? Maybe something like a public speaking or a class on economics?
I'm planning to spend maybe 2 months in a French-speaking country, and combine my time with language classes (that way I can share with my teacher things I pick up on on the streets).
I also want to visit the Parliament and sit in on some of the public sessions (I think some are open to the public) - but then again, you can watch this online.
Nonetheless, I refuse to believe the only way to get some practice in speaking the language is to pay some teacher 1200 Euros a week.
I'm interested in hearing what others people have done in other non-French speaking countries, too. Maybe your advice could help me, too.

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