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What is FP Markets?
29-08-2022, 09:14 AM
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What is FP Markets?
What is FP Markets?

The FP Markets operating professional trading experience for a quite long time since the broker was established in 2005 and ever since serves over 12,000 clients worldwide. One of the main strengths is that FP Markets uses true ECN electronic bridges and enhance its proposal with powerful trading technology, also investing in its innovation.To get more news about FP Markets Pros & Cons, you can visit wikifx.com official website.

Is FP markets a good broker?
First of all, a good broker is a safe broker. The proof of its safe trading environment is also confirmed by necessary legislation obligation and sharp obligation, while FP Markets is an Australian brokerage company headquarters in Sydney, Australia while ASIC regulation ensures trustable cooperation as well as full compliance with guidelines. Moreover, quite recently FP Markets enlarged its proposal and opened European Cyprus entity thus eligible for trading proposal within EEA zone.
Another strong point of FP markets proposal is their developed ECN technology that providing direct access to the liquidity providers without dealer intervention through Equinix NY4 Data Centers, and executes order through the best possible price within offering for the particular asset.

This technology currently is the leading solution that provides extremely fast execution speeds and the most favorable quotes with spreads from 0.0 pips allowing you to benefit from it.

FP Markets Pros and Cons
FP Markets is a well-regulated broker with good trading environment suitable for beginners, low pricing, a good trading proposal with selection of platforms with ECN trading environment and excellent trading education.
Overall, there are many factors why FP Markets gained its reputable position in the market and in addition is recognized multiply by various publications and reputable editions. The excellence of the service they offer, as well as trading conditions along with high regard from the traders, is truly a good prove of trust and great establishment.

Yes, FP Markets is safe to trade, it is an established Australian broker Prudential Markets Pty Ltd that respectively complied operation according to the world-known regulation Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC), learn more why trade with ASIC Brokers by the link.

How are you protected on FP Markets?
The regulatory status indeed the most important measure, as in simple words it means a client is treated fairly according to the international laws and requirements. Traders funds also being segregated from the own company funds, are held in selected top-tier banks, such as National Australia Bank and the Commonwealth Bank of Australia with daily fund reconciliation and application of the standard covers under investment protection.

However, different authorities apply adjusted regulation according to its legislation and particular laws, in a result may diverge from the entity or regulator or another. Likewise, FP markets Cyprus entity also apply negative balance protection to the clients accounts, as well as participate retail accounts to the compensation scheme. So always make sure to learn better under which entity you trade and what protection conditions and privacy policy applicable to you.

What Leverage FP Markets offer?
Being an Australian broker, FP Markets complies with the ASIC set of rules, but also due to its another entity in EU, FP Markets obliges to another regulatory restriction thus European clients of FP Markets can access much lower leverage levels with a maximum of 1:30. European traders can use a maximum of 1:30

So before you sign in make sure you verify conditions and understand how trading works. Besides, always make sure to learn about leverage as a tool in general, how to use it and what the smartest way for a particular instrument is. Indeed, leverage increases your trading size but may play a significant role in either potential gains or losses.
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