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The disturbing leaves
05-09-2019, 09:25 AM
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The disturbing leaves
The disturbing leaves, swirling the vortex, flying on the playground, your hearty laughter broke the quiet of the campus. "Minger, my dad wants to take me back to my hometown! There........." Smile Carton Of Cigarettes, blooming on your face, such as the fireworks that cut through the night. Careful you, why have you discovered that the sadness in my eyes is in the rainy season, I met you, a person who is comparable to Wang Xifeng. The same "has not seen anyone, first heard its voice." Although dressed as Wang Xifeng is not rich, but also, the head wears a small crystal headband; the ear is covered with a thin silver ring of willow; the item is wearing the jade face Guanyin; wearing small short sleeves, plus a small white sweater Under the velvet cropped trousers; a pair of big crystal eyes, two curved eyebrows on the face; under the powder surface, a thin lip lined with snow white teeth Cigarettes Online, a pair of dimples with the wind, can speak, and live, I am still a little bit better than the phoenix brothers at that time, laughing, crying, playing, crazy. It seems that everything will not go far. At that time, we joined hands, took a cloud, followed the afterglow, and sang on the road. Tired, squatting in a clean stop, each telling about happiness and grievances. Sometimes, a nose with a tear, crying to you, but you smile at me, will be angry, will be mocked. But think about it, in this world, besides you, who else will listen to my heart without bothering? You are so special, but I have an ordinary person who can no longer be ordinary. Perhaps, I am too lucky to be happy, always short-lived, and meet you in the fall after ten years. When you are gone, you only leave one sentence: "The flowers must be self-love, and the rest is a pain." At that time, I want to hold your hand, I don't want to, I don't want to lose a friend who knows; I want to hold your hand at that time, I don't want to. I don't want friendship to be taken away by time; at that time, I want to hold your hand, I don't want to, I don't want to leave the autumn wind with my tearful petals, dying in the cold wind, one piece, one piece, with The wind flutters and the air is dry. How many years old, in this gust of wind. When the sun burns the petals, the rain soaks the earth. Everything, like a flower, falls and is bleak. A few years later, in front of the independent window, staring at the fall of the flowers, remember that you said, you will definitely come back to see me. May you still remember me, I hold your hand tightly a few years later Online Cigarettes, telling everything about these years, everything is a dream, I think, I want to hold your hand, walk with you, At the end of my life, my dear friend
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