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With the falling
22-08-2019, 09:22 AM
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With the falling
With the falling leaves Newport 100S, the bright windows of autumn are gradually opening. This autumn and I are not too new, the same city, the same air, the same memories, the same street, or the familiar self. Life seems to be immutable, like this season, from spring to winter, and it starts again. A piece of yellow leaves, inadvertently fell into the water, and the ups and downs dissipated in the sight of the wind. From that moment on, I still added some loneliness in the fall, and my autumn also added some decisiveness. After more than 20 years of spring and autumn, I realized this autumn: the original spring is affordable, the autumn is put down. Naturally so relieved! Isn't there a grievance in her heart? I think this is what she is not willing to do. Naturally, her own mind, a person resolutely gave up his ideals, his eager love, his past life, is to give up his former life, the only remaining memories, stranded in the bottom of my heart. The end of the past will always be the past, and some will only make the past a courage and no regrets Cheap Cigarettes. There are things you and I are not wrong, but there are always individuals to bear the consequences. The ending is helpless and silent. Silence and departure are the best expressions of falling leaves. The eyes of the leaves are hidden by the wind and the silence of autumn. When you come to the tea garden, you will see the sun just jumping out of the eastern peaks. Beginning the day's journey, the silent tea garden will smile, but the wind blows the leaves with gold rims, and the swaying posture sends a message of love. The faint lyrics, old and melodious, seem extremely far away, but in the neighborhood, the leaves have been smashed, as if a tea song was first sung, the girl who picked the tea put it down, spit out the excited wings. . The sky began to brighten, the tea began to sing, the girl's face was flushed, and Ana's body was plated with the body to repeat the old yearning. The hands are left and right, and together, the fingers rise and fall between the branches, like a moving landscape picture, stretching tea trees with arms stretched, interpretation of tea culture. The tea tree of Jin Guanyin, like the statue that grew there in the ancient times, was covered by the sun for a long time. The skin wrapped around the strong bones and bones, and the wind and the rain hit, year after year, still standing there Marlboro Cigarettes, with a smile Eyes, the leaves shake the love of picking tea girls, making them sprout, tea tree, I am waiting for you, stroking you, and even printing the totem of life deeply ------ tea garden

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