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boiling afghanistan Announced curfew almost all over the country. Intercept the Talib - jacksonza - 26-07-2021 12:26 PM

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AfghanistanAnnounce curfew almost all over the country trying to intercept the Taliban who have returned to capture half of the country's cities and rural areas While foreign soldiers and the United States Withdrawal from Afghanistan
on July 26, 64, the BBC news agency reported that the situation in Afghanistan returned to tension. Afghan government announces the enforcement of curfew measures. in almost all areas of the country to try to stop the Taliban Armed extremists trying to invade cities in the country, with the government invoking a curfew. forbidden people in the cities Almost all of them leave their homes from 22.00-04.00 except Kabul. The capital and two other cities are Panchir and Nangarhar.
Fighting between Afghan government forces and the Taliban has intensified in the past two months. As foreign troops are withdrawing from Afghanistan, the US government has taken steps to withdraw American troops from Afghanistan. causing the Taliban to hurry to seize the opportunity Return invaded areas and cities in the country is now expected by the Taliban in Afghanistan have been able to occupy half of the country quite a
while now has been concerned about the peace negotiations.Afghanistan governmentwith the Taliban progressing slowly. Will allow the Taliban to try to invade the city with more population,
however, General Kenneth Mackenzie, commander of the US military headquarters. of Central Asia and the Middle East, said US forces In Afghanistan will continue to conduct air strikes. to continue to support the Afghan military forces But General Mackenzie did not specify. Airstrikes by US military forces in Afghanistan Will it continue if the US withdraws all its troops from Afghanistan on August 31?
The US military has sent troops to crack down on the Taliban. which is an extremist armed group that invaded the cities In Afghanistan, almost 20 years ago, after theTalibangave former world number one terrorist Osmah bin Laden a hiding place. Al-Qedah leader and his followers In a shocking sabotage pilot plane crashes into the Twin Towers of the World Trade Center in New York City and the United States Department of Defense on September 11, 2001.
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