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When the water - ylq - 14-11-2019 09:09 AM

When the water droplets try to return to the sea, it only gets the glimmer of light reflected from the sea. - Inscriptions Fourteen years ago, he took back from the hospital and only knew her wow. When I saw the child's sleep in the sly, the face was filled with joy and rested with joy. For a moment, he had to hold her tightly, and a few drops of tears dripped onto the girl's pink cheeks. When she first climbed, he was afraid that she would touch it, and she would squat down and follow her, her eyes were gentle. He was tall and straight, and he was so emotional that when she was tired, she was careful in her arms. She giggled and he laughed. She covered his neck and slobbered, he was not annoyed, just a smirk. The two faces are just like a sweet face. When she is toddler, he is even more nervous. He has always been very patient, watching her walk with awkwardness, licking the nursery rhymes that only she knows, the little body is full of reluctance, he stood a few steps outside and opened his arms, waiting for the familiar doll The incense surrounds himself. From the baby who only cries and cryes to the child who learns to walk, this is a surprise of life, he thought. She seems to have the magic of calming her mind Newport Cigarettes, and as long as she is close, he feels happy. When she learned the language, he raised a colorful card and taught her to read "Daddy" over and over again. He dragged the sound. And she is just groaning and saying ambiguous words. He was helpless and reached out to wipe her mouth. "Dad-Dad", she suddenly opened her mouth, and the delicate and crisp children's voice echoed in his mind. He groaned for a long while until his voice rang again, only to look at her with delight. She seemed to be dissatisfied with his reaction, rubbing her fingers and shaking her head. He just reacted, and he lifted her over his head. He always smiled like a child. When she was three or four years old, it was the age of playfulness. When he finished his work every day, he couldn't wait to go home in three or two steps. Hearing that she saw a small butterfly today, the apple tree in front of the door blossomed, and her mother made another delicious meal. Looking at her fascinating appearance, the cheeks were stunned by the excitement, and his heart seemed to be surrounded by happiness, such as setting the clouds. Every moment, he remembers that she is full of food and wears warm clothes. She will buy her favorite toys when she is on a business trip. He is willing to listen to every little detail of her growing up. He thinks that she is the little angel sent to him by God. He is willing to grow up with her. When she was in school on the first day, he held her hand tightly, as if she was worried about losing her treasure. We have to be a child, right? Can't cry like other kids, right? She is alive and well. When she was sent to the classroom and wanted to turn and leave, she suddenly understood and pulled his clothes and grievances. His heart is tight, but he still squats mokingusacigarettes.com, picking you up in a few days, okay? She nodded sensibly, and her tears swirled in her eyes. He turned his heart and turned away. She grew up day by day, but he was busy, going to work in the morning sun, and returned home with exhaustion in the evening. I couldn't say a word for a few days, until the opening was a suffocating cold silence. Until the daughter's mouth Newport Cigarettes Coupons, he could no longer echo, and he suddenly found out that he had missed a lot of time to recall. Almost in an instant, she had her own little secret and she didn't want to tell her family about everything. Although he is sad, he still respects his daughter. She rose to junior high school and entered a rebellious period. The chicks yearn for the higher sky, she began to talk back, quarrel, and even more unwilling to move to the parents. He is helpless, but he does not blame it. My daughter is growing up! He always said to his wife with a sore arm. When he mentioned his daughter, he smiled in his eyes. Time flies so fast, he secretly wipes his eyes. In fact, she does not want to make her father sad, but she is eager for independence and freedom. Time is like a white pass, she is full of vitality, youthful sunshine, but he gave birth to white hair early, his body is not as good as before, only the eyes of love and compassion have never left. One dusk, she walked lightly, "Dad, let's talk." He was surprised, but still sat happily. Smile like a child, just like the beginning. "Dad, I love you. Outside the window, there are white clouds drifting, breezy, spring blossoms. There are tears falling down, but it is sweet.
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