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Úplná verze: Listen this way! Who should not get the COVID 19 vaccine? Postpone, it's safer ...
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After the government announced that the COVID 19 vaccine was a national agenda. Every agency has welcomed the policy and invited the people to get vaccinated. To strengthen the immune system Reduce the severity of illness Including reducing the loss of our loved ones from this epidemic

However, there are still some people who should not rush to get the COVID 19 vaccine by Dr. Kulkanya Chokpaiboonkit. Director of Clinical Research Center Faculty of Medicine Siriraj Hospital told the joker123 wallet that there are 3 cases as follows:

1. people who are sick
No matter what disease is ill but To get well before injections

2. Have an underlying disease that is quite severe. And still can't control
Such as heart disease and arrhythmia Your GP must first assess that your body is ready for the vaccine. Then come to get vaccinated

3. The first trimester is less than 12 weeks pregnant.
Because in the first trimester of pregnancy There will be quite a lot of sensitivity of the fetus. But if already injecting I realized later that I was pregnant. It was okay because the vaccine was really safe. But to move the second needle over 12 weeks before

For pregnant women Covid vaccination is required because if COVID-19 is infected, the symptoms will be more severe than non-pregnant women. Also, when the vaccination was over Immunity in the mother is also released through milk. Will continue to benefit breastfed babies
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