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Úplná verze: A higher bill for plastic bags is in effect in the UK.
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Price of ดาวน์โหลดสล็อต xo single-use plastic tote bags in UK stores has increased from 5p to 10p.All stores, big or small, must be billed from Friday. Until now, small retailers have been exempt.The original 5p levy was introduced in England in 2015.Since then, bag usage has dropped more than 95%.The Friends of the Earth campaign is calling on governments to do better, saying the bags are part of a bigger plastic problem.The group welcomes this project. But said there was still "Major flawCampaigners said the bill should be extended to paper bags, while the so-called A "lifelong bag" designed to be reused.

But a lot of plastic is causing it. "More and more problems Seems to have been used "Plastic bags for life" only once and are not reused over the lifetime of the bags, said Camilla Zerr, the group's plastics campaigner.If ministers want to get to the root of this problem, they need to take a stand against all single-use plastics.The environmental group's warning was heeded by supermarkets including Morrisons and Co-op, which have ceased sales of plastic bags for life.Friends of the Earth said the government's upcoming environmental bill should include: The "legally binding goal" is to end all unnecessary single-use plastic products.

'Ambitious action'

The average person in England now buys four single-use bags a year from major supermarkets, compared with 140 in 2014.By expanding the bill to all retailers, the government hopes that single-use handbag usage will drop 70-80 percent in small and medium-sized businesses.Environment Minister Rebecca Pow said: “Everyone wants to play a part in reducing plastic waste epidemics that damage our environment and our oceans.Charging the 5p bag was a huge success. But we can go further. She added that the new higher bill in England would "Supporting ambitious action" The UK has already taken steps to combat plastics
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