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Úplná verze: Why do we want older farmers to hang their wells?
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Many young farmers are happy that the UK government will pay older farmers to retire to help bring new blood into the trade.The government will pay up to £ 100,000 to keep older farmers going.In response to fears that the new generation will miss agricultural opportunities because others have not abandoned this profession.Nearly four in 10 UK farmers are over 65, with an average age of 59.At 19, Rob Campbell, a meat and sheep farmer, was one of the youngest farmers in the country.Rob and his brother took care of the family's small farm in Northumberland three years ago.They are desperate to expand But is struggling to find land

There were farmers in slotxo their eighties But they want to keep doing it, ”he told Radio 1 Newsbeat.It's very difficult when you don't do anything else in your life. I understand they want to keep doing it. But the sad truth is that it stops the new generation from expanding.Farmers in Wales are expected to benefit from a program similar to the British plan announced by the Secretary of the Environment. The plans in Scotland and Northern Ireland will be different.Yasmine Keldie, a 24-year-old shepherd in Aberdeenshire, is grateful that the elderly will give up their hardship.But she hopes they will accept the government's offer.

I know the older generation would hang a pond and take a step back, even though they knew they weren't fit enough to work hard and physically any longer.
Not all older people can tolerate retirement.Abi Irwin's father was a crop farmer in Cornwall and she said he loved letting her run the business. But at the moment it is financially viable.I had to find work away from my family farm because I didn't have enough work to support my parents and myself," said the 23-year-old.She believes the grant will help her take over the family business and come up with new ideas.
That's what the government wants to encourage.Environment Secretary George Eustice believes older people better tolerate "green" farming practices.

Abi agrees: “I certainly think there is more understanding in the younger generation about a more sustainable and ecological approach.But there is a lot of sympathy among the young farmers for the older generation who do not want to go further.
Nathan Parsons, a 29-year-old farmer from Rutland, thinks it's more because of work - and "if they want to retire, they'll probably do it themselves".He believed the mental and physical health of farmers would suffer without work and said he had seen. "A huge impact" on retired people.Farming is a job Nathan loves and says he never wants to stop.I can't sit and drink tea and biscuits.
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