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Úplná verze: Wroughton Airfield hangar to turn into a movie theater
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The hangar at land slot Wroughton Airport will be converted into a movie theater.The company behind the idea wanted to use the original warehouse to shoot ten full-length films over twelve years.Dignus Films said it might be worth it. "60,000-70,000 Pounds per day of production "to the local economy.Swindon Borough Council approved the plan despite local concerns about an increase in traffic.

Writer and director Sean Robinson and producer Tyrone Edwards, founder of Dignus Films, said they wanted to use the hangar as a "The main shooting stage of the company"It also facilitates movie sets, crews, and equipment within the adjacent workshops.They said the hangar did not need to undergo major changes. Rather, necessary repairs will be undertaken, especially on leaky roofs, to ensure they are airtight and safe for the crews and the film's cast.

Access to questions

The impact of traffic heading to the new studio is of concern to both council officials and local residents.One Burderop resident asked a planner: “How do 150 people per day have access to an area with outstanding natural beauty? Although this number is 75 questions, it still applies to difficult standing, parking and Access Feeding trailers for 150 people per day and trailers and trucks with HGV couplings etc. to transport infrastructure to the site?Wroughton District Council did not oppose, and when the film company wrote to the Electoral Council to speak,

while believing the project would recruit up to 200 people at a time, only 100 would come in at the same time.Authorities said: "Film studios will generate relatively low freight volumes, which drop below the expected HGV traffic levels, a hangar that will be brought back into history and allowed to be transported." Used as a distribution warehouse Wroughton Airfield was the location of the filming before; From 2016 to 2019, it was used as a testing ground for Amazon Prime, The Grand Tour, featuring former Top Gear presenters.
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