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Úplná verze: Software defects lead to 'Fatal incident' aboard flight Tui
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The "simple flaws" caused by slotxo differences in language lead to A "serious incident" for a flight from Birmingham last year.The report states that all female passengers with "Miss" names were children, not adults, on Tui flights after a software upgrade.This means that the average weight used in the takeoff calculation is lower than it should have been.The differences could affect takeoff, but the report said the flight was not affected.The flight preparation document told the pilot that his Boeing 737 was actually 1,244 kg lighter after using 35kg,

as the average weight of a woman involved was more than 69kg.The "load plate" is used to determine the safe weight, aircraft balance and other important information for a safe flight under safety regulations. The AAIB report on the incident said the booking system that produced the loading plates was upgraded during the downtime caused by the coronavirus blockade last year when the airline suspended flights. "For several months"The security official said the problem was that the software was programmed abroad that used "Miss" to refer to children and "Ms" to adult women.Too many in front of the plane' causes takeoff problems.

How safe is it to get on the plane?

Such a simple language difference has made 38 adult women seen as "young" by the computer system, a difference that when adding passengers and the rest of the cargo, the calculated weight and actual weight of the aircraft. Different than one ton.The flight departs in the morning from Birmingham International to Mallorca on 21 July 2020.The Air Accident Aviation Branch (AAIB) said that in this case the difference in takeoff calculations was only 0.1% - so "the safe operation of the aircraft would not be compromised".

The researchers said two other flights on the same day also experienced the same problem. Instead, an additional self-examination will be performed immediately to prevent the problem from recurring.And upgrading the computer system again solves the problem.In a statement, Tui said: “The health and safety of our customers and crew members is always our priority. As a result of this isolated incident, we have fixed an error identified in our IT system.As stated in the report, the flight safety operation was not compromised.
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