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Úplná verze: Myanmar protesters eat Easter eggs The military government hunts down celebrities
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Opponents of military rule in สล็อตxo Myanmar made the Easter egg a symbol of resistance on Sunday by posting pictures of the eggs with slogans after night-lit candles across the country to commemorate those who died since.The Political Prisoner Aid Association, a movement tracking casualties and arrests since the military toppled Nobel laureate Aung San Suu Kyi's elected government, said the death toll has increased. Up to 557 people People across Myanmar are continuing their movement to end dictatorship for democracy and human rights," the group said, using a different name for the Southeast Asian country.

Despite the killing But protesters come out every day, often in small groups, in small towns, to deny the return of military rule after decades of democracy. At night, people gather with candles.The AAPP said 2,658 detainees, including four women and a man, spoke to team who visited in a street interview in Yangon's main city last week.We are informing authorities for information on this matter and for the safe release of detainees, ”the spokesperson said.Police and spokesperson for the SPDC did not answer calls.Opponents of the military ruling have held civilized protests and they held a series of impromptu and often constructive displays of resistance that Sunday included Easter eggs.

The messages, "We Gotta Win," "Spring Revolution," and "Go Out," are drawn on an oval in a photo on social media, the last of which references Min Aung Hla. Military government The soldiers are doing their own campaigns to control the flow of information and define messages.Ordered ISPs to cut wireless broadband since Friday, making it impossible for most customers to access it, despite some messages and images being posted and shared.Authorities have issued arrest warrants for nearly 40 celebrities, known for their resistance to military rule, as well as social media influencers, singers and models, under the anti-mobilization law against the armed forces.The allegations, announced in the main evening news bulletin released by state media on Friday and Saturday, could face up to three years in prison.


One of the charged bloggers Thurein Hlaing Win told Reuters he was shocked to see himself being branded a criminal on television and in hiding.I haven't done anything bad or evil. I stand on the side of the truth I followed the path I believed between good and evil. I chose good, ”he said by phone from an undisclosed place.If I am punished for that, my conscience is clear. My faith will not change Everyone knows the truth.The army ruled the former British colony with a steel fist after seizing power in the 1962 coup until it began withdrawing from civilian politics a decade ago, releasing Suu Kyi from years of detention and allowing an election that her party had cleared in the year. 2015

It was said that Suu Kyi's government had to be ousted due to the November election, her party easily victorious again.Many people in Myanmar, especially the younger generation over the past decade of social and economic openness, were unable to accept the return of general rule.Suu Kyi was jailed to face charges that could result in a 14-year prison term, her lawyer said the allegations were better.The coup has also sparked clashes with independent minority forces who have vowed to support the democratic movement.
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