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"Asthma" or "allergic bronchitis" is a disease related to the respiratory system. Which is caused by chronic inflammation of the bronchi This causes the bronchial walls to react more frequently to allergens and the environment. Resulting in difficulty breathing, gasping and tiredness

If asthma patients want to have better health Should exercise regularly. To restore the physical condition But which sport is the most suitable And before exercise How should I prepare? joker123 wallet has gathered the information here.

What people with asthma should do before starting exercise
- Consult your doctor before exercising that Do I need a bronchodilator first? And see a doctor to follow up periodically
- before every workout You should always warm up for about 15 minutes.
- Choose a place to exercise that is hypoallergenic and less polluted, such as a gym or a public park in the suburbs.
- outdoor exercise Should be morning Because the temperature is not too high And a period of high humidity in the air As a result, allergens such as pollen and dust are low.
- The time when the rain just stopped. It is another time that is suitable for exercise. Because the rain has helped wash away the dust in the air
- If choosing to exercise on a hot day Ask them to exercise indoors instead.

Exercise suitable for asthma sufferers
Swimming: It increases the heart rate while the body is subjected to low impact. And make the lungs healthy

Yoga: This makes the body flexible and also helps train breathing.

Badminton: keep your body healthy While helping to know how to socialize It is good for mental health as well.

Walking: improves respiratory function. But it should not walk too slow or too fast. Should maintain the speed just enough to sweat.

Tai Chi Dance: Helps to adjust the respiratory system and make the body flexible. Strengthens the lungs

Aerobic dance: In addition to helping to burn fat. Also helps the lungs expand And can get more oxygen

Running: Helps maintain normal blood pressure levels. And also increases good fats in the body

Cycling: stimulates breathing and heart rate. It also makes the immune system stronger. As a result, various pathogens have less of an impact on the body.
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