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Úplná verze: Features of aluminum roof truss and aluminum alloy bolt truss
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Features of aluminum roof truss and aluminum alloy bolt truss

In China, aluminum roof truss have been widely used in performances, weddings, exhibitions, and various ceremonies in recent years. Because of its wide application range, high safety performance, convenient installation and disassembly, beautiful appearance, and simple maintenance. So it is used by performance companies, exhibition companies, hotels, schools, and governments all over China.

Aluminum alloy trusses can be divided into aluminum roof truss and aluminum alloy bolt trusses from the structure. Now performance companies and leasing companies generally buy aluminum aluminum roof truss. At present, China attaches great importance to performance culture and the development of aluminum roof truss industry, which requires higher speed of stage construction. We believe that aluminum alloy bolt trusses will replace aluminum alloy screw trusses.

Features of aluminum roof truss and bolt truss:

1) When installing the aluminum roof truss, the screw structure is used for assembly, which requires a large labor cost, but the structure is simple and the load bearing is good.

2) The aluminum roof truss has been verified in the market, and many customers have recognized and accepted the structural concept of the screw truss.

3) The bolt truss is installed directly by bolts for direct docking, which is simple and convenient, greatly saves labor costs, improves work efficiency, and can be easily and quickly built and disassembled.

4) The latch truss has a beautiful appearance and strong ability to bear. The purchase cost of the latch truss on the market is higher than that of the screw aluminum frame, but we all adopt assembly line production. We are the first to adopt equipment and well-trained staff to effectively improve the quality of the latch frame itself. The production principle is that all accessories are produced by the company itself, which greatly reduces the cost control of the counterparts due to the external processing of precision parts, thereby reducing the cost of their own products. Therefore, the cost of the screw truss and the bolt rack is the same. You only need to purchase the accessories separately, and it can also be customized. It only takes 2-3 days to complete the products you need quickly and easily, ensuring your product quality and improving service is our consistent goal.

In addition, the bolt-type aluminum alloy light stand is a new type of aluminum alloy light stand, which is a product created by the higher pursuit of the traditional screw-type aluminum alloy light stand. It has the advantages of beautiful, durable, convenient and fast assembly. Accessories include square sleeve, square head, base, support, cross arm, hanging gourd, and reverse head. Aluminum alloy light frame, latch type aluminum alloy light frame, latch type aluminum alloy truss is also called TRUSS frame. The aluminum alloy light frame is welded by high-quality aluminum alloy, the main pipe is 50*3MM, and the inclined pipe is 25*2MM. This is a 290*290MM pin-type aluminum alloy light frame with a large span of 15 meters. Its characteristics are beautiful, firm, durable, convenient, etc. The length of the bolt-type aluminum alloy light frame is 0.5m / 1m / 1.5m / 2m / 2.5m / 3m / 3.5m / 4m, and can also be customized according to customer requirements. Because the purchase cost of the latch rack and the precision of its own products are higher than the screw rack, the rental price of the latch rack is also higher than that of the screw rack. The general rental price of aluminum alloy trusses in eastern China is about 40 yuan/meter, and the rental price of bolt truss is about 50 yuan/meter. Specific prices vary according to different regions! Subject to the actual situation, the price is for reference only.

Aluminum roof trusses are currently commonly used in specifications and sizes, and the more commonly used sizes are 300*300MM, 400*400MM, 400*500MM, 400*600MM, 520*760MM, 600*760MM. Generally, there are two sizes of 300*300MM and 400*400MM for small and medium-sized performances. Large-scale performances use 520*760MM and 600*760MM. If the span exceeds the requirement of an ultra-large span of about 25 meters, a reinforced large aluminum alloy truss can be used. We are the largest manufacturer of aluminum alloy trusses, aluminum alloy stages, and folding stages in Guangdong. The company stocks a large number of stocks all the year round, with complete specifications and varieties, and can meet various customer orders in time.

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